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Urban Pie is a premium craft frozen pizza with small batch sauce crafted in our kitchens; blurring the distance between farm and fork or in this case mouth.
Serving Size Calories Fat Sodium Carbs Allergens
Uncured Pepperoni and Chicken Sausage Pizza 1/4 pizza (145g) 350 20g 870mg 28g Soy Milk Wheat
8 Cheese Marinara 1/4 pizza (126g) 330 16g 640mg 30g Soy Milk Wheat
BBQ Recipe Chicken Sausage Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust 1/4 pizza (145g) 290 13g 600mg 29g Soy Milk Wheat
Margherita Pizza with Cauliflower Crust 1/4 pizza (145g) 300 15g 640mg 25g Soy Milk Wheat
Bianco Pizza with Broccoli & Cheddar Crust 1/3 pizza (194g) 410 25g 590mg 28g Soy Milk Wheat
Chicken Pesto Pizza with Hemp Seed Crust 1/4 Pizza (122g) 340 19g 550mg 28g Soy, Milk, Wheat
Spinach & Roasted Mushroom Pizza with Hemp Seed Crust 1/4 Pizza (134g) 290 13g 610mg 30g Soy, Milk, Wheat
Uncured Pepperoni Alfredo Pizza 1/4 Pizza (132g) 360 21g 930mg 26g Soy, Milk, Wheat
Truffle Mushroom 1/4 pizza (125g) 290 16g 530mg 26g Soy Milk Wheat
Roasted Veggie 1/4 pizza (135g) 270 14g 650mg 28g Soy Milk Wheat