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You're the curious type and so are we. To help satisfy your appetite for knowledge, we've provided the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about Urban Pie.
Why Did We Create Urban Pie?

Why create the Mona Lisa? Why create the greatest race car in the world? Why climb Mt. Denali? Why do anything great? Urban Pie was created because you deserve a pizza that breaks the mold of traditional food and says no to the status quo. We believe in an exploration of your taste buds and that you deserve a great pizza experience. Say no to mediocrity. Say yes to a flavor adventure.

Why the neighborhoods?

We are constantly on the move and finding inspiration in every place we visit. Through the experience of our travels, we know a neighborhood’s essence is a complex blend of culture, history and tastes. Our goal for Urban Pie was to harness that inspiration and merge it into our pizza to create one of a kind tastes reminiscent of places we love and want to share with you.

What’s so special about your crust?

This is our favorite question to answer. We’re a family owned, Italian business, where baking is the essential root of our beginnings. Getting the crust right was the first order from the kitchen. A pencil edge, flaky pastry crust was delivered. A crust so re-imagined for pizza toppings even our staff thought it should be rolled into a pastry. Sure, it’s a thin crust pizza, by standard language, but nothing about this pizza is standard. We’ve put love, care and food artistry to the test creating the perfect crust to layer and capture our unique neighborhood flavors. You won’t be disappointed.

Where can I find baking instructions and nutritional information?

We’ve compiled all of our baking instructions and nutritional information for you on our individual pizza pages, as well as on our nutrition page, but you can also find them on the side of the box. 

For quick reference all of our pizzas cook at 425 degrees, for: 

Mission: 15 - 17 Minutes

Little Italy: 12 - 15 Minutes

Lakeview: 12 - 15 Minutes

North End:  15 - 17 Minutes

Where do your ingredients come from?

We work hard to make sure our ingredients are always responsibly sourced. Whenever possible we use local sources to ensure the freshest, most delicious flavors are in every bite of Urban Pie frozen pizza. We also ensure our products are made free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.


Where can I buy Urban Pie?

Urban Pie is available across the country at your local grocery store. We’d be happy to help you find yours. Check out our store finder.

How do I get savings and deals?

If you haven't already, join the Urbaneers to get the inside scoop on deals, coupons, info and events delivered right to your inbox.

When baking should the pizza be put on a pan or directly on the oven shelf?

To fully experience the flaky, pastry crust, put directly on the center oven rack. 

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