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Premium Difference

We've set out to create a frozen pizza that will defy your flavor expectations. Our commitment to deliver real ingredients that are responsibly sourced can be tasted in every bite. From the buttery, pencil-edge crust straight out of our bakery, to the hand selected toppings and unique sauces, each bite will have you delving into a cultural and culinary exploration.

Crust Innovation

We've been in the pizza business for over 50 years and authentic good taste is what drives our passions forward, but we know that the key to a great pizza is a great crust.

Picture this: a pastry that’s only a half-inch thick, with rich flavor baked into layers of flaky dough, crafted to be the perfect foundation for unique and interesting topping combinations. 

We're also taking the next leap forward in crust innovation with our vegetable-infused crusts, and our newest line of hemp seed crusts. With vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and sweet potato or Omega-3 rich hemp seeds baked right in to our delicious, flaky crust, we've added a complex layer of flavor to our already premium recipes.

Crust Innovation

Real Good Ingredients

Our ingredients are hand selected and unlike anything you’ll see in the freezer aisle. Basil, spinach & crimini mushrooms, chicken sausage, fire roasted peppers and sauces specifically crafted for each variety.

Not to mention, all of our pizzas contain real, locally sourced Wisconsin Cheese and free from artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Daring to be different

Urban Pie Pizza has always been the flavor-seeker's pizza. Where else can you find inventive flavor-pairings like the Chicken Sausage and Roasted Yellow Pepper Pizza? Or a pizza that packs a flavor punch like the Pesto & Fresh Mozzarella Pizza? We continue to seek new favorites and explore ways to capture the essence of our heritage, so you can share our experiences through flavor.

Daring to be different