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North End Pizza Slice

The Closest you'll get toParking in Harvard Yard

It’s quite interesting this neighborhood shows up on the map more for what’s in the cup than on the plate because we found an unparalleled dining experience we wanted to capture and bring to life on a 12” flaky crust. Starting with a white truffle alfredo sauce was the key to representing a neighborhood that has been featured in historical documentaries more than any other US city per capita. With shiitake and crimini mushrooms, the truffle secondary notes continue to be enjoyed throughout the North End dining adventure. To support the brawny flavor profile of Alfredo, a blend of five cheeses is added: romano, asiago, mozzarella, fontina and parmesan then caramelized onions and rosemary to add sweetness of richly browned onions with aromatic rosemary. Finally, to add bursts of unexpected finish, capers (the indigenous root of South End Italy by the way) are sprinkled on top.

Did You Know

The North End is the oldest residential community in the city of Boston? It's been a home to residents since the 1630's.

The Crust

The flaky, buttery pencil-edge crust on our North End pizza accentuates the creamy full flavor of its Boston inspired toppings.

Make Wicked Good Pizza

Do not thaw or eat pizza before baking. Remove pizza from all packaging and bake until the cheese is melted and the crust is golden brown. Ovens may vary, so please rely on appearance. For a softer crust, bake the pizza on an oven -proof pan.

Bake Time
15 - 17 minutes
Bake Temp
Nutrition Information
  • Serving Size1/4 Pizza
  • Calories300
  • Fat (g)16
  • Sodium (mg)570
  • Carbs (g)28

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